Oh Yes, Food

The day I decided to smear peanut butter on toasted bread and topped it with bananas, agave, and a sprinkle of cinnamon… that was magical.

The first time my hands dripped with the juice of a ripe, sweet mango, and I sliced it into cubes and ate it… amazing.

The morning I gave avocados a second chance–after years of dislike from my then different taste preferences–in the form of an avocado, tomato, cheese, mustard, and mayo sandwich on a crisp piece of toast… oh yes.

Oh, and all of the amazing oatmeal toppings I’ve been trying recently? And the parfaits and smoothies? Whoa.

Let’s not even get started on blueberry muffins, chocolate chip pancakes, and waffles.

Man, food is so great.


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