Cat Power

Finals have finally began, and the spring semester is coming to a close.

My first final was on Friday, and it was the oral exam for French. Like majority of the class, I chose to sing a song… I performed “Cap Diamant” by Coeur de Pirate, accompanied by my lovely new ukulele. Only me and another girl actually brought in an instrument. It was both of our first times performing in front of an audience, and we got through it nervous and slightly shaky, but it went really well. Maybe it was due to the excitement of performing in front of people, or perhaps it was the enormous picture of a fat cat projected on the screen behind us as we were up there–it’s not easy to attribute the success of our performances to any one thing.

First final down, five more to go. The end of finals week culminates with an orientation for the World Science Festival, a French play, and the Color Run Shine Tour! So, not such a bad week, so long as I get past all of the stress. Onwards I shall go, as usual.


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