Keeping Up

Consistent blogging is so difficult. It isn’t an easy task to post often, especially while balancing many other things at the same time (school, friends, stress, family, etc.), and I noticed I’m beginning to feel less inclined to keep this up.

In light of my recent lack of activity on this blog, I’m going to publish this very short post. Yes, it isn’t much, however, I do not want to abandon it. I added blogging to one of my “habits” on this website I recently signed up for, and it’s meant to help me with my productivity. Thus far, it’s been helping a bit, and I’ve already started a draft on a future post about it. Not sure when that’s going to be finished, but I do want to use the website for some time before reviewing it, so that I can be more accurate about its review. Hopefully, it will also get me back to posting more regularly.

We write to taste life twice, in the moment, and in retrospection.”  — Anaïs Nin



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