Flowers In Your Hair

My mother told me, “Now you need to buy flowers.”

The undoubtedly confused expression on my face prompted her to continue.

“You need flowers to put them in your hair.”

..and then she sang me a fragment of Scott McKenzie’s “San Francisco.”


It’s finally happening. It seemed so distant before when I thought about going there, but suddenly it’s all happening, and it’s less than a month away..

I’m going to San Francisco.

I still only half believe it, it’s so soon, and yet my calendar is already marked with the exact dates and times of the arrival and departure, and lists of places to visit and of what to bring are in the process of being created. It feels like a dream, like another fantasy that will only exist as a figment of my imagination, but my confirmation e-mails and friends beg to differ–it’s real, and I will be there in less than a month. There is still a lot of planning to be done, with room for spontaneity and flexibility, but it’s one of my favorite parts.. besides the actual traveling part, of course.

I’ve only been to California once before, a trip to San Diego three years ago, and ever since then, I have been yearning for a return to the West Coast. Thinking about spring break makes me almost feel as if I was back at The Morena/Linda Vista station off of the trolley, a phrase that always echoes in conversations when recalling the adventures I shared with those who I visited San Diego with. Even our trips to buy groceries were brought alive by the thrill of the new and foreign to us location, and it’s almost as if I can feel some part of this now. Fragments of those moments are slowly making their way back to me, and by the time April arrives, they will become a full-blown feeling that I won’t be able to shake until weeks after our return to New York.

So yes, I am going to San Francisco, and maybe I will even wear flowers in my hair.


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