I struggle with productivity quite a bit, so I decided to try something. For the rest of the day I will log my activities, and then publish this post before I go to bed. I want to see how much time I actually waste, and how productive I am on a regular day at home. Here we go!

So.. I woke up around 9:30 am, and not necessarily in this exact order: I washed the dishes, went to the post office to send a package and went to the car wash with my dad, I watched two episodes of How to Get Away With Murder (great show so far, by the way), cleaned a lot of the paper and stuff from the floor in my room, and started rewriting the third chapter of notes from class (I write quickly and sloppily during lecture, rewriting helps me understand the material better, aaannddd my notes look way better that way as well). A few minutes ago, I finished vacuuming in my room and writing in my journal. Now…

4:17 pm to 5:16 pm — Cleaned Freddie’s cage, gerbil playtime, and took out the trash.

5:16 pm to 5:25 pm — Updated this blog post with what I did before the first log.

5:25 pm to 5:47 pm — Washed the dishes, made tea for mom, and ate cereal, an orange, and an apple. Also forgot to take my vitamins.. (Speaking of cereal, I’ll be making a post about it, likely sometime soon).

5:48 pm to 5:58 pm — Checked email, social media, etc.

5:59 pm to 6:13 pm — Rewrote more chem notes.

6:14 pm to 6:25 pm — Read the bonus part of the third Scott Pilgrim book and tidied the desk a bit (there are papers everryywheereeee).

6:26 pm to 6:33 pm — Went to get some nuts to snack on, also ended up eating some chocolate. Mmmmm..

6:34 pm to 7:08 pm — Rewrote more chem notes (how exciting, I know).

7:08 pm to 7:51 pm — Watched an episode of How to Get Away With Murder (third episode today, shh I know..)

7:52pm to 8:06 pm — Email, social media, etc.

8:06 pm to 9:47 pm — Rewrote chem notes (there are so, so many notes to take).

9:48 pm to 10:26 pm — Shower, skincare routine & etc., talked to mom, preparing for bed (maybe an early night tonight?)

10:26 pm to 10:44 pm — Rewrote more chem notes.

10:44 pm to 11:21 pm — Wrote email to professor concerning thesis project for illustration class (and some mild distractions here and there).

Annnddd yeah.. I aimed to go to sleep early, and by earlier I intended it to be before 11 pm, but before midnight is good enough. I have a long day ahead of me with a lot of art to work on, amongst other things, but I will hopefully finish at least most of it. It seems as though by logging my activities and knowing I will publish this for people to see, I tried to be more productive in general, and if I hadn’t done this, I don’t think I would have gotten this much done today. Today’s blog post? Great idea!

I know I haven’t updated the blog much recently. I’m keeping myself busy with school work again, which does feel like an excuse, but I will try to post when I can or feel up for it. I made another blog solely for art related things, and when I finally get that up and running, I will make sure to put a link to it on this blog. Currently there is nothing on it, but I already have photos and things that I know I will post about, so stay tuned for that! Now I better go before I write too much and end up not going to bed by midnight. Night!


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